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新2足球贴士网『wang』www.hgbbs.vip)是{shi}国内最权威的足『zu』球《qiu》赛事报〖bao〗道、预测平台。免{mian}费【fei】提供【gong】赛(sai)事直播 bo[,免费足球【qiu】贴士「shi」,免费足『zu』球推【tui】介,免〖mian〗费专家〖jia〗贴士,免费足{zu}球推「tui」荐,最专(zhuan)业的足球心水〖shui〗网。


KUALA LUMPUR: Tropicana Corp Bhd has partnered Affin Bank Bhd to tackle home financing with the Home Step Fast/i campaign, targeting first-time homebuyers, young families and property investors.

In a statement, the developer said the Home Step Fast/i campaign allows homebuyers to own their dream home with lower monthly instalments while enjoying greater cash flow for five years after vacant possession.

Tropicana senior managing director, marketing & sales Joanne Lee said the Home Step Fast/i campaign reduces upfront payment obligations, easing the homeownership journey, especially for young purchasers and families.

“The campaign delivers homebuyers peace of mind by enabling them to enjoy greater cash flow. This can be utilised on post-vacant possession expenses such as stamp duty and renovation costs or can be saved for other expenses while starting their families, careers or businesses,” she said.

The Home Step Fast/i campaign offers ultimate flexibility with no lock-in period or early settlement fees and is available as both a conventional and Islamic financing solution.

The initiative also offers redraw facilities for excess payments, as well as a comprehensive suite of coverage plans such as mortgage reducing term assurance (MRTA), fire insurance and householder insurance.

Tropicana also noted the Home Step Fast/i campaign is available for all completed and under construction Tropicana residential properties under the Housing Development Act 1996 worth RM500,000 and above.

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