Asahi Super Dry launches ‘Discover Modern Tokyo Through Senses’ campaign

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Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Bhd managing director Stefano Clini.

SHAH ALAM: Asahi Super Dry is launching ‘Discover Modern Tokyo Through Senses’, a campaign that delivers the exciting, unknown and fascinating cultural innovations of modern Japan.

In a statement, Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Bhd said Asahi Super Dry, known for its unique and refreshing “Karakuchi” taste, sets to encourage beer lovers to challenge the ordinary and transport fans to explore the exciting senses and streets of Tokyo.

“Tokyo is one of the world’s most enigmatic cities, famed for its neon lights that represent excitement.

“Through this campaign, we want our consumers to live with this same spirit in mind, step out of their comfort zone and act on their desire to go beyond the ordinary,” Carlsberg managing director Stefano Clini said.




The brewer said following the timely reopening of international borders in Japan, Asahi kicks into high gear and elevates beer lovers’ senses by upping consumers’ rewards, including a grand prize of a trip for two to Tokyo.

The campaign, which runs from July to August, offers consumers a chance to win the grand prize of a trip to Tokyo for two when they purchase RM20 worth of Asahi Super Dry at participating bars and pubs in a single receipt.

Simultaneously, they are also eligible to win a special prize of the limited-edition Asahi Sense Tokyo t-shirt.

During this promotion period, the limited-edition t-shirt is also redeemable at local coffee shops and food courts with any purchase of three big bottles of Asahi Super Dry beer.

The grand prize and special prize deals also extend to supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores and e-commerce sites from July until September, with every RM20 spent in a single receipt.






  • 【【『星』岛{日}报】《 『报道』[》】(【『星』岛{日}报】《 『报道』[》)( 何雁诗[)<昨>{日}到新城电台『<做接见时>』,(〖透露〗)“与郑俊弘在香港”({【(〖 {〖【的】〗}[〗)】})《《婚宴定于》》11{《《月》》}7{【{日}举行】},〖《当》〗 {日}还会举[行‘父亲’({【(〖 {〖【的】〗}[〗)】})70“ 大[寿”,〖‘双喜临门’〗,({日})《内将会到旅》店落订,《『预计』》30 ‘多围’[。『( 问到[不)怕相冲』?“「她称那天」”「【<{‘是’}>】」‘父亲’({【(〖 {〖【的】〗}[〗)】})【西历】【生{日}】,【《(没)》】(《问题》)({【(〖 {〖【的】〗}[〗)】}), 横竖会为‘父亲’搞大“『「派对」』”[,既然婚宴也有齐‘父亲’({【(〖 {〖【的】〗}[〗)】})< 至亲好友[>,(‘倒不如一齐庆祝’)。〖 问到[「【<{‘是’}>】」否同{日}〗“注册”?“《她连》环”“反问”:「‘{我仲}未申请’,【{点申请}呀】?『【要几时入纸】』㗎? ‘我很多多’少野都[{未做},‘『很多多少』野都唔识’,‘<第一>’{次咋}……」“‘被’”取<笑>人人都知道她「【<{‘是’}>】」 <第一>次娶[{亲时},<《她自己也忍》>不住傻<笑>。赞的不得了~

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